November 22nd, 2015

Cut To The Chaise

A service to refresh and revitalise any furniture pieces you may have. I can reupholster armchairs, sofas, chaises and almost any cushioned or soft furniture item.

I am trying to make this as ecologically sound as possible, where primarily I am avoiding landfill from refuse of pieces, and reusing where possible all materials, using traditional and contemporary methods.

I use the best materials available to ensure that the work is a lasting, permanent feature.

Any item that is unloved, unwanted or just generally forgotten about, is valid for rebuild and refurbish, and I will give an estimate for any work or at least advise on best way forward.

Contact me on 07800 822125 or e-mail

Unit 22, Wivenhoe Business Centre, Brook Street, Wivenhoe CO7 9