November 8th, 2009

Business News

July 2010

Recycling - Colchester Borough Council have just improved their trade waste and recycling service and now collect glass as well as paper and cardboard.

This offers a change to divert more waste from landfill and offer an opportunity to make savings as it costs about 20% less to recycle than it does to dispose of waste.

For more information, Click Here

Energy Efficiency - Colchester Borough Council now have a free energy workshop planned for next week; 15th July from 8.15am – 10.45am. There are still a few places available for the workshop, which will help delegates to understand how to calculate their own carbon footprints/energy use and identify energy saving opportunities.

If you would like to book a place, please contact Samantha Preston

Phone: 01206 282707


March 2010

Wivenhoe Business Association has received the funding the sign/map and is now having it designed before planning permission is applied for.

1st December 2009.

Wivenhoe Business Association has succesfully applied for and has been granted £350 towards the cost of a Village Sign.

6th November 2009

Colchester Council has announced that they have developed and funded a plan to support local businesses to become more energy efficient and to reduce the environmental impact.

The service is FREE and they have enough funding to support 100 Businesses.

If you are interested in this exciting project – more details can be found here – and to register, please contact Samantha Preston on 01206 282707 or email her here